Alexadros Elion

Yoga Teacher based in Athens Greece

Alexandros has been practicing the art of meditation
continually since 1999. He practices meditation, energy healing,
hypnotherapy, Kriya yoga, Gi-Cheon, Chi Kung, practical
bodywork for healing, fasting therapy, spiritual healing, psychic
research and general internal arts. He has learned healing
traditional methods from Greek elders. But his principle
teacher was Roxana, a shaman from Mexico. He practiced with
her for about ten years in psychic research, dreaming, spiritual
healing, alchemy and meditation. He began practicing Pranic
nourishment in 2004 with Jasmuheen. He has also studied all
the meditation methods of Panagiotis Senteris from 2015. Since
1999 he has been helping individuals in various forms of
healing and from 2005 he has done several group workshops in
Greece and in Mexico. In 2011 together with two other healers,
one from Greece and the other from Honduras, opened a
healing center in Honduras that has helped many individuals
with difficult illnesses to get better. He founded a nonprofit
company Alba-The Alchemy of Life that does research in
traditional techniques in internal arts around the world. All his
experiences helped him to create “The Alchemy of the Body”,
an holistic method that is for healing, knowledge and art. It is a
mix of techniques from different traditions, from his teachers
and from his own inventions. He teaches them principally in
one on one courses but also to groups. About the art of body
positions and control of breathing he practices a complete
technique that uses three basic kinds of breathings and some
secondary. Each one of the three is for relaxing, strengthening
and balancing. As the practitioner combines the breathings
with the positions, the glands of his body can be controlled and
balanced. First the secondary glands and when he is ready the
primary glands. Alexandros believes that inside any material

there is energy and forces, that`s why there are no limits in
what it can be manifested. Love connects all the dimensions.