What is Ayahuasca?


Ayahuasca, the Mother of all things, is a spirit that can help reveal the wisdom of the Universe through opening new levels of perception of the inner and outer worlds.

This plant teacher comes to us as a brew derived from sacred Amazonian plants. The Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) offers the connection to the spirit world, and is always used. Plants such as  chagropanga (Psychotria viridis) or
chaliponga (Dyplocteris cabreyana) are used to promote vivid visions, and vary depending on where the ayahuasca is brewed.

The Ayahuasca I offer sometime I are myself from the Asian Acacia, sometime I use Santo Daime Church brew and sometimes I use the Shipibo people brew.

The liquid itself contains energies of all the elements that compose our body and the world around us: earth, water, fire, air – as well as the light and energy of the soul. As a magic ‘wine of the soul’ this universal medicine balances energies and fills in any deficiencies. It is considered an essence of pure nature, recommended for those born and living in cities.

The context and the method:
The ceremonies are conducted in a professional, elegant and soft manner, without great traumatic moments.
Our ceremonies have been adapted by the maestro to accommodate participants for western world, from the cities, people in the near of healing and and connection with self.
It is important to understand that the plant and the ceremonies are a way to connect with the spiritual and divine world.
In the tribes from the amazon from where this rituals come from originally, the native people live in complete health, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, as well they live connected with the nature surrounding them and with the spirit.
Most of the people from the western world and from the cities they are very ill on many levels and require years of (holistic) healing in order to be able to reach a point of health and harmony that allows them to start on their path of spiritual and shamanic studies. There is no way to skip or shortcut this process.
The sacred plants scubas Ayahuasca have a great healing power and this is why many use them as the ‘medicine’ for humanity.
It is important that the ceremonies run by the natives  and those that have learned from them have a very different modality and very different from our reality.
Firstly, the native ceremonies are conducted with the whole tribe, a big group of healthy people that have know each other the whole life.
This obviously is very different from a ceremony in a western world where there is a group of unhealthy people that have never met.
Another point to note is that the native ceremonies are very powerful, very demanding and the purification (vomit etc) can be very strong and violent
and that the whole experience can be quite traumatic.
It is also important to understand the economic factor, the people that live in the amazon forest live in a financial poverty, a poverty that ceased to exist in Europe decades ago. A Euro 100 for a person like this is a mountain of money and it is easy to understand why would they become corrupt and do a ‘supermarket’ type of ceremony where the more people that come thru the good the better, and in one one they can cash in more than they would make in a year back home.
The ceremonies that Thomas White Eagle offers are a light version of the indigenous ones and are mainly focused on personal healing.
There is no point to participate only in one ceremony and this is why we ask you top participate in at least two.
A weekend retreat is a good option if you wish to try Ayahuasca and what it can do for you.
For those aiming to do things properly a retreat of 10 to 21 days in needed, where the proper diet and a series of ceremonies gives us a good deal of  important healing and sustainable solutions. The agenda of the 10 and 21 retreats is here >>
For those in need of a retreat in the amazon jungle with all its native connect we can recommended an affiliated centre with us located near Pucallpa in Peru.

Why is Ayahausca consumed in ceremony?

Ayahuasca is a powerful ethnobotanical medicine. We consume it in a Sacred Space that respects its power to facilitate healing and

Our ayahuasca ceremonies are designed for westerners, to facilitate learning and healing in the western world. The medicine is open for anyone to experience, and connects particularly well with practices of mindfulness, meditation and yoga.

What will you experience?

Your ayahuasca experience will be as unique as your own life’s journey. You might receive deeper knowledge about yourself, unblock barriers in your life path, receive insight toward physical healing, reconnect with your ancestors, or expand your consciousness of the universe and nature of creation.

How the medicine works in you will depend on your body, your life journey, and the energies you and others bring into Sacred Space.

While experiences vary, everyone who comes to the medicine leaves transformed. Ayahuasca has the potential to deeply shift your
perspective, enrich your life, and unlock the power to generate physical and emotional well-being, allowing you to emerge healthier, more loving, and in harmony with others and the world around you.

When you are under the effect of the medicine you do not loose consciousness nor reasoning ability. It does much the opposite, expanding your perceptions to include new dimensions of the physical world, as well asthe spiritual and energetic worlds inside and around you. The medicine tends to intensify preexisting visions, thoughts and feelings – allowing hidden aspects
to be revealed during the session.

These are some benefits that people have described:

* Dissolved emotional blockages

* Profound feelings of peace with one`s own past

* Mental and emotional clarity

* Healing from various physical ilnesses and health problems
such as insomnia

* Reduced stress

* Revealed path to a more meaningfull, happy and harmonious

* Enhanced openness towards spirituality

* Improvements in interpersonal relationships

The Ceremony

Ceremonies are conducted in small groups to allow a subtle, soft, and intimate experience with this transformative medicine. This allows the opportunity to provide individual care and focus to each person in the
group.  I offer 3 main kinds of ayahuasca ceremonies:

* Daytime outdoor experiences offer a great opportunity to connect with nature and last about 2 hours.

* Evening ceremonies generally take between 3 to 6 hours, depending on the individual processes.

* Fire ceremonies take between 4-6 hours. The intensity and spirit of the fire give these ceremonies a distinctive resonance.

We will have a short chat a few days before the ceremony to clarify your intentions for the journey, answer any questions, and address fears or doubts.

Preparing for the Medicine

Purifying the body is part of your preparation to enter Sacred Space in the manner most respectful to the power of this medicine. This will help to mitigate possible unpleasant aspects of your journey and allow the ayahuasca to best work its healing magic.

For the medicine to offer its best gift the preparation is very important and should start 3 to 5 days before the retreat:

Without the suggested preparation the benefit for you could be only 30%
Please avoid
  • salt and all foods with salt in it: white rice, pasta, bread etc
  • sugar, honey, sweatener, stenia and all its forms
  • coffee
  • ice-cream
  • pizza
  • fried foods
  • garlic, onion
  • red meat
  • alcohol
  • spicy and sour foods
  • seafood (fish is ok)
  • sex, massage, extreme  / exhausting physical exercise eg. gym, martial arts etc
  • night life, shopping centre, cementeries and other crowded places with a lot of noise and agitated and heavy energies
so what can you eat?
  • fruits (not citric ones) : salad or juice
  • vegetables : raw, boiled or done in the oven
  • fish and chicken : boiled, steamed or done in the oven
  • herbs such as oregano and basic are ok
  • pasta and integral rice

* No Drugs, Alcohol, or Marijuana – marjuana should be stopped at least 6 months before the ceremony, as its effects tend to block the visions and work of ayahuasca medicine. If you have difficulty with this, please contact me and we discuss possible cleansing solutions.

* Suspend Certain Medications – particularly those that affect mental processes, such as anti-depressant medications.
If you have questions whether or not to continue a particular medication, please contact me.

Women that have their menstrual period are allowed to participate after the third day after the period is over.

If you had never had experience with a plant teacher such as ayahuasca, san pedro, peyote, etc. it is advisable to purge before your
experience. See here for details on the northern Amazonian tradition of purging with tobacco.

After the Ceremony

If possible, allow yourself at least 3 days to reintegrate what you have experienced into your day-to-day life. You are likely to be very sensitive and open after your journey, so be gentle with yourself. Do your best to avoid stress and create a healing, quiet space where you can get plenty of rest, good sleep, healthy food and time in nature.

The medicine will stay in your body for 6-9 months after the ceremony, and will continue to offer lessons for at least this long. Unless you are doing ayahuasca  in the context of an extended retreat, wait at least 2 weeks before doing another ceremony.

You should not participate in an ayahuasca ceremony if you have any of the following conditions:

* Epilepsy

* A chronic heart condition or hypertension

* Schizophrenia or other serious mental illness

* Frequent ongoing use of recreational drugs

You should also not participate if you are in the first
trimester of pregnancy.


Most importantly, you should come to the medicine with respect and reverence. Please choose another psychedelic substance if you are considering using ayahausca as a recreational experience. This medicine has its own wisdom. If you wish it to treat your body and mind with kindness and respect, you must come to it reverently and responsibly.

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