Thomas White Eagle is a  Shaman, Healer, Wizard, Mystical Expert, Lemurian High Priest and Ascended Master.  His healing practices and sacred plant ceremonies are a mix of high vibrational energy, high consciousness awareness and trans-cultural shamanism with a modern  twist. 

After his first experience in an Ayahuasca  ceremony Thomas was able to intuitively remember how to work with sacred plants in order to help others access their own higher power. His main purpose is that of helping humanity awaken and embody the divine within while living a vibrant life rooted in the body and guided by the Heart. His ceremonies and personal sessions are life transformation experiences in which  a deeper state of being is reach and the body, mind and soul vibrate in harmony. 

He now works as a Lead Shaman and New Consciousness Instructor in Dharma Mystical Tours.


Thomas has participated in over 250 ceremonies and guided over 100 in the past 10 years. His sacred plants  are Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Tabacco, Wilka and Kambo. 

He studied Ayahuasca Medicine with the native Shamans of Peru and Colombia. Currently he continues his education in Andean Shamanism with Andean Sages Grandfather Vidal and High Priest of Pre-Inca Traditions Don Jesus. 

 He is also a certified Reiki Master and has knowledge in Reconective Healing, Seshen (Ancient Egyptian Vibrational Healing), Gemstone Therapy and Water Programming. 

Lived and worked:  Italy, UK, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Sri Lanka and USA.

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