Yoga Teacher based in Athens Greece

Brenda is a devotee of Yoga for over 30years with a deep knowledge of several styles. Her personal favourite is Kriya Yoga which she has been teaching for 15years.

Living in Greece for more than 40 years, she loves to guide people in unraveling the deeper aspects of Greek myths, ancient sites and esoteric philosophy.

On their sailing yacht, Brenda and her husband, regularly invite small groups to experience the unique combination of sailing the Greek islands and yoga in nature -on the beach or on the water. This journey encourages us all to travel into a deeper awareness of the union of body, mind and spirit.

Brenda is a Reiki Master and a practitioner of several healing modalities including NLP, EFT and Quantum Touch Healing and combines them in all aspect of her daily life.

Teaches Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, Prana Yama, Meditation.

Also Reiki, levels 1,2.3, EFT and Quantum Touch.