Yoga Teacher based on Kythnos Island, Greece

Molly Margomenou is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, RYT200, and a student
of the advanced TT300 whose introduction to yoga in late 00s was a natural
progression from her dance background. She was a ballerina since she
started walking and discovered contemporary dance as a way of
self-expression in her teens. Later on, aerial dance on silks captivated
her and playing with gravity and antigravity created some balance. Soon,
she led performances in festivals and gave acrobatic lessons. Molly
discovered yoga in a period of self-reflection and realised that practicing
yoga provides her with the opportunity to deeply integrate her individual
self with the greater reality. In combination with her pedagogical studies,
she believes that yoga, no matter what age or level, has a gentle and
dynamic impact on every human being.
She delivers private and group sessions to adults and kids and feel blessed
with her existence in Kythnos. This island rewards her with a sense of
inner peace. Everyday she practices karma yoga towards other souls, as a
reminder of  humility, compassion and mildness. Surrounded by nature,
outdoor yoga became her passion, a passion wants to share the joy of
experiencing the elements of Kythnos…salty clean air, warm sand, crystal
clear waters of the sea, a kind of gratitude and appreciation for all life.