Duration: about 90min.

This service is facilitated by an associated astrology expert.


A Life-Map Birth Chart Reading will help you navigate your challenges, use your natural talents better and solve the “riddles” you chose to solve in this lifetime.

Your birth chart is a divine road-map. This map contains keys to your life, personality, relationships, circumstances, events and future. The moment of our birth (incarnation) contains the seeds (potentials) of all our life circumstances. The choices we make in life determine how those potentials will manifest in this world. The birth chart offers great wisdom, insight and clarity to assist in making the best choices we can.


The LIFE-MAP natal chart reading is usually  the first reading you will receive. This reading is an in-depth session exploring your life and personality. It is a deep look into the “mechanics” of your life, your challenges and talents, strengths and weaknesses. How to best use the talents you came into this life with and how to best navigate the challenges you chose.

In this reading you are welcome to request attention to specific areas of interest or questions you may have about health, career, relationship, travel, spiritual work, money, or other concerns.


When a person discovers their natal chart it’s like gaining a “bird’s-eye view” of their own life. My great pleasure is the look in my client’s eyes when they discover the underlying fabric behind their personality and life circumstances; the freedom and peace of mind that come with understanding the purpose and meaning of their struggles, talents, joys and challenges in life.

The LIFE-MAP reading will also include a brief LIFE-CYCLES predictive reading exploring the events of the past year and coming year and their significance in your unfolding life-path. Your reading will be recorded and you will be given a copy of the recording along with a follow-up email with re-cap of the reading and more in-depth material to read about your chart, as well as a copy of your chart.



Duration 60 Minutes

This service is facilitated by an associated astrology expert.


We all have peaks and valleys, shining moments and rough passages in the unfolding of our lives. Predictive astrology is a divine gift of knowing the future, with the wisdom to know what to do about it.


When we are in our shining moments this knowledge allows us to better recognize and use the opportunities coming our way. When we are in rough passages, to understand the purpose and meaning of that time gives an individual an empowering perspective and a power of choice you did not have before.

To introduce a client to the time-line of purpose and meaning behind the events, chapters and epochs of their life is an extraordinary experience. To everything there is a season and predictive astrology reveals those seasons in an individual’s life (ahead of time).

When I sit with a client I am always deeply moved by the sense of empowerment that arises in that person as a result of discovering the map behind their unfolding path in life.

We will look at the present and the next year in depth to understand the nature of your unfolding life and the opportunities and challenges held there-in. We’ll take a broader look at the next 5 years to gain an understanding of the larger life-cycles at play in your world. You will receive a recording of your reading and follow-up e-mail with in-depth reading material.