Veronika Petkova

Yoga Teacher from Bulgaria based on Ikaria Island, Greece

Veronika Petkova from Bulgaria, is a 200 hrs. certified Yoga Teacher and Certified 85 hrs. Prenatal Yoga teacher who leaves in Greece for many years.

 By the time she finished with her studies in the Departure of Geology, University of Patras, and get her bachelor’s degree in the end of 2014, she introduced herself to the science of Yoga and a big inner transformation began.

 She practiced and studied Yoga Asana, Meditation and Pranayama along with many lovely teachers and by herself, until the time has finally come to complete a Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, led by an inspiring and pure-hearted Dr.Sanjay Yogi and his foundation Himalaya Yoga Peeth. After the completion of the training, she started offering Hatha Core flow yoga, Gentle flow yoga, meditation and pranayama classes inthe Himalaya yoga Ikaria, that she founded in the Island of Ikaria«where time stops».Μantra chanting is one of her favorite tools and lately, she started to deepen into Kundalini yoga.

Except of Yoga, during her journey to the self, she was very lucky to meet two really humbled and big-hearted Shamans who gave her life-tools and a wider cosmic vision.

 Veronika is, also, a Solar Reiki practitioner, a process that aims to clean our subtle body in order to achieve mental, physical and emotion balance.

 Her experience with yoga, different energy healing technics and herbal plants, convinced her that the healing of ourselves is an approach that must be far more wide than modern medicine.

 To live a balanced and joyful life, in harmony with others and ourselves, being companionable and respectable for each other, these are her hearted wishes.

 Last but not least, she believes it is not the practice of spiritual technics and methods that makes us spiritual, but our open heart and pure intensions. However, all this ancient knowledge that is content in these methods, provides us a very valuable and powerful helping tools for our magical journey through life.